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Pain Management

Taking Care of You

Our practice specializes in pharmacological pain management. Our philosophy is one of compassion with a goal of restoring patient function by controlling pain to the best of our ability. We do not promise complete pain relief but we will never abandon a patient and will work diligently towards improving the patients quality of life.

Patient Process

Getting the Care You Need

How do we begin? The patient process begins with a referral from your doctor of record. There are no exceptions and every new patient must have a referral. Your medical records regarding your source of pain, diagnoses, imaging studies, attempted treatments, and responses to therapy must all be provided to our practice for review prior to your first visit. Doctor Cline personally reviews all records and will have the office contact you to either schedule an appointment or explain the reasons why he cannot provide care to you.

About Us

Doctor Cline and the Clinic

Doctor Cline is a certified pain management physician and an opioid consultant for the NY State Board of Medicine. Our Practice advocates for the judicious use of opioid in both cancerous and non-cancerous patients. While there is a national stigma about the use of prescription opioids, we recognize the need for chronic opioid therapy in some patients. 

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Will my insurance cover my visit? - Cost

Unfortunately we accept no insurances. Our initial visit includes a review of your medical records, lab work, an interview, and a physical by the doctor that takes approximately one hour. Our current rates for initial visits are $250. Return visits, including all lab work and necessary testing, will cost $160.

How do I make an appointment?

All patients must have a referral from a current physician to begin the patient process. Prior to scheduling a visit you must have all medical records pertaining to your source of pain sent to our office. For any questions concerning the scheduling process you may call us at (518) 223-0812.

How often must I be seen?

Under current New York law we are unable to prescribe more than a 30 day supply of certain controlled substances with no refills. The frequency of your visits will be in accordance with your needs.

Do you issue licenses for medical marijuana?

Yes, our practice has multiple medical professionals that are certified to prescribe marijuana. The cost of for a 12 month certificate is $100, but you have to establish as a patient prior to any prescriptions.

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43 S Western Ave, Glens Falls, NY 12801, USA

Office : (518) 223-0812

Fax : (518) 223-0813

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